Well that was a longer amount of time between pages than I originally planned. Life got super busy and had me going pretty nonstop with work-family events-travel and I’ve had very little time at my computer to work on this page the past couple of months.


Upcoming convention news:

If you go to Anime Los Angeles, I’ll be hanging out there as an attendee near the end of January. I’ll probably have the usual set of HoR buttons if people find me, and if you are a ribbon collector I’m going to be Gym Leader Whitney for the Pokemon Challenge.

If you’re a fan of WonderCon in March, I’m confirmed for a table! I’ll be at Artist Alley F-13 and I’ve got some new goodies I’m working on for the convention.

I’m also waiting to hear back if I’ll have an Artist Alley table at Fanime in May.



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