I realize I haven’t talked much about the magic in this world yet (as two characters use their magic in the recent pages).

Magic is very much a part of daily life and only a few types really stick out amongst the people. The entire population has magic of some sort, and there are no masters of all magics – the type of magic a person has is hereditary, so certain abilities travel in family lines (there are no witches/wizards/sorcerers/etc that are super powered and able to do anything they want).

As an example that Ida and Ladroch fall under, there are many family lines that are able to manipulate plants- encouraging growth, encouraging ripening, even encouraging rotting/death of plants. These families tend to work in farmland, greenhouses, and medicine. There are families whose magics ease the manipulation of metal- blacksmiths and armorers tend to arise from these families. There is a clan of healers where many families with differing healing magics have joined together to increase the magic healing abilities they can use.



Again, life & work have been crazy and this will likely continue for awhile, so updates happen when they happen.

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