Wow, Hearts of Roese has been up for two years!

I know I’ve had a pretty nasty track record on updating, but this week there are going to be six pages! Pages that count as new and old.


When I first launched this comic, I rushed through the Prologue because it holds information very important to the story, but I was so excited to start on the main storyline that I didn’t put the time into developing parts of the world I wasn’t quite sure of for those initial pages. In the two years since I’ve started the comic though, that development has happened and I am very excited about sharing the updated Prologue which will give peeks into the rest of the world the story takes place in.


Today, the redone page 1 has gone up. Check it out!

 Here is page 2.

 Page 3!

 Page 4.

Page 5.

And finally, Page 6.

I will add the links here as the rest of the pages are replaced, and when they are all up I’ll put up a News announcement with all the links. The remaining 5 pages are all in the final stages of coloring, and will be put up one by one as I finish them.

Now to hope for some birthday cake to stuff my face with as I continue coloring.